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FMS Automotive Does It Again! Jetta Style!


Following the incredible response of our SEMA show Beetles from 2012, our pair of MK6 Jetta’s from SEMA show 2013 are in route to receiving the same media attention as their predecessors.

“We had such positive feedback last year after the Beetle experience with several customized Beetles, we took advantage of the limited production GLI Edition 30 launch to bring it together here in Herndon with the two SEMA show Jetta’s, and our Jetta accessory car for another featurette in the showroom,” said Robert Gal, Manager, Accessories Product Planning.

Featured is a high performance 2.0T equipped Jetta sedan pushing over 400 horse power and a tribute Jetta 1.8T inspired by the very limited 1989 Helios Jetta GLI Special Edition completes our vision of creating the ultimate Jetta experience, garnering attention from top automotive magazines and social media hubs across the globe. Enthusiasts all over the globe will have an opportunity to see our Jetta’s in person as they will be making their way to the VW National Aftersales meeting in Nashville, Tenn. and then appear at several VW enthusiast shows through the country this summer.

Before it’s countrywide tour, our Jetta’s will be displayed in the Volkswagen Showroom at the Herndon Headquarters! To have any vehicles displayed at the Volkswagen Showroom is a great honor and to have 4 cars displayed in 2 consecutive years is an achievement that very few teams can claim and we are extremely proud. Thank you for all of your love and support. At FMS Automotive we don’t just build cars we build experiences.

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