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FMS Automotive makes the window at Volkswagen Headquarters!

It’s always a great feeling to see your completed project cars displayed in your booth at the SEMA Show, but it’s a whole different level when your work is showcased in the window of the Volkswagen Headquarters in Herndon, Virginia! The FMS Automotive team was overcome with joy at the sight of their three amazing VW Beetles being displayed in the window of Volkswagen Headquarters itself. The 1956 Tribute Beetle, built completely by FMS Automotive, was sitting in a featured location right on the main lobby floor. A series of 2012 VW Beetles were also featured throughout the museum including the two toned silver and matte black FMS Beetle and the European Car/FMS Automotive Beach Beetle Cruiser. The white TDI Beetle featured at the Chicago Auto Show was also included in the museum. Even the model Beetles painted and built by FMS Automotive were on display in a case.

As Volkswagen employees pass the vehicles every morning, many quickly noticed and commented on the work done by the FMS Automotive team. Upon entering the headquarters, the FMS Automotive team continuously received praise and positive feedback from several VW and Audi employees. Even VW President and CEO, Jonathan Browning has taken the time to sit in the ’56 Beetle and appreciate the workmanship of the FMS team.

Check back soon as we release a promo video shortly to show the FMS presence at the Herndon Museum!